Majoon-E-Khaas is a potent botanical blend created to increase the testosterone level in men and improve sexual performance. This organic male supplement can enhance your sex drive naturally, increase your energy and stamina, and maintain healthy blood circulation.

Majoon-E-Khaas is a natural supplement that may aid in energy restoration. It may enhance men's vitality, physical strength, and stamina and increase sexual life.


Men frequently struggle with low stamina, leading to fears and other psychological barriers like insecurity.

Discovering a male enhancement product that won't put you at risk is essential in light of this. Since many sexual supplements have been deemed harmful for long-term usage, searching carefully for the appropriate substitute is necessary. You can always choose natural male enhancement that controls the circulatory system and maintains the body's innate sex drive as an alternative to risky supplements.


  • Would you like to be the best version of yourself?
  • Are you satisfied with the way you now feel and perform?
  • Do you intend to be fit and healthy but are having complications locating a path?
  • Do you believe you will need more time to attain your goals?
  • Is your weekly development being hampered by internal weakness and laziness?


More than 68 pure herbal ingredients make up MAJOON E KHAAS by Dr. Herbs. Our natural remedy is made to help you overcome internal deficiencies, increase your vitality, and help you thoroughly enjoy being married. A libido stimulant called Majoon-E-Khaas helps to improve fertility, testosterone output, muscle strength, and genital debility. A libido stimulant called Majoon-E-Khaas helps to improve fertility, testosterone output, muscle strength, and genital feebleness.


Every man wants to function well during intimacy. Still, numerous things might lead to problems like erectile dysfunction. Lowered libido and difficulty maintaining erections for a lengthy period





Our unique blend of ingredients includes vital elements including Sala'jeet, Amber, Honey, Mastic Gum, Marvari, Kharateen, Regmahi, Saff'ron, Kholanjaan, Bisbasa, Jauz, Karanphool, Jadwaar, Wark nakra, Salab Misri, Museli White, Isgan, and Ginseng. These carefully chosen substances provide the best organic remedy for your well-being.


Dr. Herbs MAJOON E KHAAS is the solution if you're an athlete trying to increase your stamina, a busy professional trying to increase your energy, or just looking for a natural way to assist you in getting over your physical limitations and promoting your well-being.


You can benefit from herbal remedies with Dr. Herbs MAJOON E KHAAS without adverse side effects or risky substances. There is no need for costly long-term courses because our natural treatment guarantees results in as little as 3–4 days.




  • There are no chemicals or adverse side effects
  • 100% pure natural ingredients.
  • No lengthy, expensive courses are necessary to reap the rewards.
  • Guaranteed outcomes





  • Protect against heat, light, and moisture.
  • Store below 25°C in a dry, cold environment.
  • Hold the cap firmly closed.
  • Prevent minors from accessing any medications.




  • Quarter Tea Spoon (or Golden Spoon) daily at night with Warm Milk before sleep.
  • Use it daily for 1 week and after 1 week use it for alternate days (ik din chor kr ik din).
  • Don’t mix it in the milk, eat with the spoon and then drink milk on it.
  • Don’t use wet spoon in it. AVOID WATER (Pani nhi lagna chye isko).




Drink 10-12 glass of water daily while using this MAJOON